We start with a standard product and tailor it to your needs. Our Application Engineers will work with you directly, to translate your specific needs  in to a workable solution.

ico-satelliteOur Product, Your Design

Do you need something outside of our standard design? Let us modify our product so it has the exact fit you need.

Modification Capabilities
  • Added features for machine interface
  • Backlash options
  • Special motor, brake and tachometer adaptations
  • Additional primary gear options (helical, planetary)
  • Shaft lengths and diameters
  • Output shaft features: hex drives, splines, special materials
  • Shaft materials such as stainless steels
  • Oil seal options for unusual operating conditions
  • Surface paints and coatings
  • Alternate lubricants

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Cone Drive先进的产品开发实验室与其在密歇根州特拉弗斯城的制造基地毗邻,为Cone Drive和其他企业生产的多种齿轮减速器产品提供测试服务。该实验室进行包括用于评估减速器性能和工作效率的负载测试等一系列测试。
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