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We have extensive experience in supporting custom and special machinery. Leverage our unique technical abilities to help solve your productivity problems. Cone Drive is a leader in the precision motion control field and the only manufacturer of true double-enveloping worm gearing. We work together with our customers to develop a gearing solution which is optimal for them.

Key Features
  • Shaft Modifications: Longer/shorter than standard or non-standard diameter
  • Housing/Component Modifications: Additional machining, paint
  • Material: Aluminum bronze gear, oil seals, attached components
  • Steel Weldment: Made to fit Cone Drive or custom center distances
  • Unique Housing: Stainless, aluminum or iron
  • Surface Treatments: Special paints or coatings

Cone Drive has over 85 years of experience designing gearing solutions, with both gear sets and gearboxes. Options range from modified standards to custom designs to customer specified designs.

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Cone Drive先进的产品开发实验室与其在密歇根州特拉弗斯城的制造基地毗邻,为Cone Drive和其他企业生产的多种齿轮减速器产品提供测试服务。该实验室进行包括用于评估减速器性能和工作效率的负载测试等一系列测试。
  • 测试+控制
    • 6个产品测试台
    • 伺服循环控制
    • 模拟惯性负载
    • 恒转矩/负载
    • 可靠性/验证
    • 加速寿命试验
    • 润滑油评价
    • 静态荷载和刚度
  • 产品测量
    • 位移和运动
    • 扭矩
    • 效率
    • 振动
    • 基本噪音
    • 传动精度