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Series HSE Slew Drive

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Cone Drive’s slewing drives are designed around our slewing bearings that can react to all axial and radial forces and resulting tilting moments created in the most challenging applications. Our slewing drive and bearing designs benefit from Cone Drive’s over 90 years of gear design and manufacturing expertise. All the technical benefits combined with Cone Drive’s industry leading quality standards make Cone Drive’s slewing solutions the ideal choice as a structural component for performance critical and heavy duty applications.


Product Specifications
  • Drive Sizes (Bearing Diameter):
  • Gear Ratios:
  • Drive Style: Open, Enclosed, Sealed
  • Backlash Level: Precision, Standard
  • Input Style: Single Worm, Double Worm

Cone Drive’s slewing drives employ precision motion technology that provides a large ratio in a single stage of gearing. The bearing and gears are assembled into a low profile, self-retaining, and ready-to-install housing optimized for weight versus performance. These highly-adaptable products also feature strong shock resistance, long life performance, smooth rotation, bearing protection, and sealed drive options.

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Cone Drive先进的产品开发实验室与其在密歇根州特拉弗斯城的制造基地毗邻,为Cone Drive和其他企业生产的多种齿轮减速器产品提供测试服务。该实验室进行包括用于评估减速器性能和工作效率的负载测试等一系列测试。
  • 测试+控制
    • 6个产品测试台
    • 伺服循环控制
    • 模拟惯性负载
    • 恒转矩/负载
    • 可靠性/验证
    • 加速寿命试验
    • 润滑油评价
    • 静态荷载和刚度
  • 产品测量
    • 位移和运动
    • 扭矩
    • 效率
    • 振动
    • 基本噪音
    • 传动精度

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